What is designing commerce naturally?

Business Ecology

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The natural world is an interconnected, interdependent system. One where change, adaptation and growth co-exist. It is a natural system from which the business world can learn invaluable lessons.

Like nature, enterprises exist within a complex system —  a business ecology of people and resources, internal  and external to the firm. A business ecology is always emerging, as in nature. 

The Rendle Company helps envision, build, transform and grow integrated and resilient enterprises through working in partnership with an enterprise's leadership team and business ecology.  As found in the natural world, seeing the interconnectedness of the whole and its parts, a holistic perspective or systems thinking approach, informs the work.


This is “designing commerce naturally.“

Work with leaders and their teams to develop and implement an enterprise's vision,                  strategy and value chain.



Work with organizations and their leadership teams to effectively navigate and execute transformation, new ventures, new business models, growth challenges, critical truths and company turnarounds through:

  • Strategy 

  • Systems Thinking

  • Leadership/Team Support

  • Execution​

  • Interim Leadership

complexity simply delivered.℠ 



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Develop – and work with clients to develop – initiatives, ecosystems and ventures. 

Acadia Inspired

The Acadia Initiative

Curate. Connect. Convene.

London Informed

More to Come


Work with leaders, enterprises and systems to envision and create their future.

The emergentz℠ 


Respond. Adapt. Action.

Brad Rendle
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Brad Rendle has been there both as a CEO and working with Boards and executive teams, thus brings both an experienced and consultative perspective to leadership challenges and demands.

He is a creative systems thinker with a natural ability to see beyond obvious horizons for systems approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.  


Brad’s skills and passions include curating and connecting original thinkers and doers to deliver solutions to complex problems. He has worked with trans-cultural, geographic and generational teams – in person and virtually – for over two decades.

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