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" The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation. A system cannot understand itself.  The transformation requires a view from the outside."                          

W. Edwards Deming , The New Economics

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Business Ecology 

Strategy | Systems Thinking | Execution

Our world has changed. We all know that. The question is, what do we do next?

Enterprises exist within a complex system— a business ecology of people and resources, internal and external to the firm. A business ecology is always adapting and emerging, as in the natural world. 

I help leaders, their teams and organization address, answer and execute on such questions. In turn, help craft the present— and shape the future — enterprise and its leadership story from a business ecology perspective. This is facilitated from an "outside-in" systems thinking lens in partnership with a leadership team.


Work with leaders and their teams to develop and implement an enterprise's vision, strategy and value chain.

Assess. Advise. Assist. Systems.

Advisory Practice

Work with organizations and their leadership teams to effectively navigate and execute:


  • New business models 

  • Growth challenges

  • Critical truths 

  • Enterprise transformation

  • New ventures

  • Intellectual property commercialization

  • Company turnarounds

Immerse with the client organization to co-create and execute recommendations —  not “write a white paper and run.”

 Leadership Support 

Natural systems are adaptive. Human-led systems often resist adaptation, unless forced by crisis. And we are all part of a system — or multiple systems — of some form.


Addressing and adapting to critical truths is fundamental to the leadership and enterprise journey.   


A journey I facilitate and support, including asking and help to address the difficult questions — which can often uncover new opportunities.

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Collaborate in development and execution of initiatives, ecosystems and new ventures. 

Work with leaders, enterprises and systems to envision and create their future.

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A creative systems thinker. I have a natural ability to see beyond obvious horizons for systems approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.  

Brad Rendle


I have been there both as a CEO and working with Boards and executive teams, thus bring both an experienced and consultative perspective to leadership challenges and demands.

A creative systems thinker, I have a natural ability to see beyond obvious horizons for systems approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.  


My skills and passions include curating and connecting original thinkers and doers to deliver solutions to complex problems. I have worked with cross-cultural, geographic and generational teams – in person and virtually – for over two decades.

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