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Making sense of business

We are an advisory business helping companies and their leadership teams navigate change, disruption, growth, and uncertainty.

Our work gives strategic purpose and momentum — often liberating resources by making them more connected and efficient.

Core outputs are confidence, clarity, enterprise value, and more focused people.

We work in the present — but can scenario plan for future eventualities. 

Our work is founded on extensive C Suite experience, intellectual rigor and the forensic analysis of a company's eco-system - how it is connected ( or unconnected ) and where its systems are unproductive or failing.

But critically, guided by an intuitive sense of what actually makes business sense.

We view this through a local/global lens across market category, geography, competitive set and company lifestage.

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We help businesses make sense of the challenges and opportunities they face - so they have a clear sense of direction and purpose.


Work with leaders and their teams to develop and implement an enterprise's vision, strategy and value chain.

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We help craft the present— and shape the future — enterprise and its leadership story. This is facilitated from an "outside-in" systems thinking

perspective in partnership with a leadership team.

Through the lens of business ecology — a nature-inspired systems thinking approach to strategy — we work with organizations and their leadership teams to effectively navigate and execute:​

  • Enterprise strategy

  • New business models 

  • Growth challenges

  • Enterprise transformation

  • Company turnarounds

  • New ventures

  • Intellectual property commercialization

  • Technology transfer

We do not “write a white paper and run.”  We immerse with the client organization to co-create and execute recommendations.

Leadership Support
The Leadership Journey
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Coming from a systems thinking lens, as well as having sat in the chair of being a CEO and entrepreneur, I offer a unique set of eyes, ears, and experience to walk the talk with leaders as they navigate the complex leadership journey.


It is a whole person's journey. One with which I am familiar and experienced.  This includes deep listening and dialogue. A journey I facilitate and support, including asking and helping to address difficult questions — which often uncover new opportunities.

Business Ecology Retreat

Whether you are a leader and leadership team that does understand the nature of your business ecology and the need for adaptation, or one that does not, taking a day " away from the noise" to explore, map, assess and look strategically at the nature of your business ecology could have significant value for the future of your business – and the bottom line.


Collaborate in development and execution of initiatives, ecosystems and new ventures. 

Entreprenuership Support

The journey of entrepreneurship is not a solo endeavor. I have entrepreneurship in my DNA. Several generations in fact. I have worked with entrepreneurs and venture creation for over 20 years.


I have served as a turnaround CEO of a water technology company and supported leaders and their teams through my professional practice over that time.​ And while I have taught graduate-level entrepreneurship and leadership, I believe entrepreneurs and leaders are enabled more than taught.


Addressing Critical Truths

Do you have a "back burner" of issues, a vision or critical truth that may be a key to your future and your enterprise that you delay addressing year after year?  Did the pandemic bring them and other issues to the front burner?  


I work with entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders looking for a place to go deeper around such issues important to an organization.​ It could be the need for a new business model.  The turnaround of a company. A broken and dysfunctional system.  Aligning the culture of the company with a new vision and purpose. Pandemic related trauma.

A creative systems thinker. I have a natural ability to see beyond obvious horizons for systems approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.  

Work with leaders, enterprises and systems to envision and create their future.

Brad Rendle


I have been there both as a CEO and working with Boards and executive teams, thus bring both an experienced and consultative perspective to leadership challenges and demands.

A creative systems thinker, I have a natural ability to see beyond obvious horizons for systems approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.  


My skills and passions include curating and connecting original thinkers and doers to deliver solutions to complex problems. I have worked with cross-cultural, geographic and generational teams – in person and virtually – for over two decades.

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The Rendle Company     —                Business Sense™

The Rendle Company — Business Sense™

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