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Business Ecology

The natural world is an interconnected, interdependent system. One where change, adaptation and growth co-exist.


It is a natural system from which the business world can learn invaluable lessons.

Like nature, enterprises exist within a complex system —  a business ecology of people and resources, internal  and external to the firm.


A business ecology is always emerging, as in nature. 

The Rendle Company helps envision, build, transform and grow integrated and resilient enterprises through working in partnership with an enterprise's leadership team and business ecology. 


As found in the natural world, seeing the interconnectedness of the whole and its parts, a holistic perspective or systems thinking approach, informs the work.

Business Ecology DK ORANGE.jpg

Systems Thinking in Pictures


Understanding an enterprise holistically is crucial in today's world. 


This short video (3:36 minutes) provides a useful understanding of such systems thinking.

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