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About the Practice

A Systems Journey

The story of The Rendle Company practice began in Cambridge, England. I was studying global systems of innovation. Originally from New England, my journey of trans-Atlantic business practice expanded in awareness. I discovered the significance of systems thinking; a perspective of the whole. This is how I think and the lens through which I see the world and organizations.


In the years since, I have provided systems thinking informed strategic advice and resources to businesses, technology firms, natural resource enterprises, investors and non-profit organizations on both sides of "the pond" and beyond.

  • Clients have primarily been CEOs, senior leadership, entrepreneurs and Boards. 

  • ​Services have included creating new business models, global enterprise strategies, and serving as turnaround CEO. 

  • Sectors served include software, water, forestry, technology transfer, renewable energy, digital media, engineering, real estate, factory built housing and economic development organizations.

My experience, personal story of transformation, discovery, and entrepreneurial roots underpin my value as a trusted confidant to leaders and entrepreneurs as they adapt to new and uncertain business and political environments, write a new enterprise story and discover new frontiers of opportunity. ​


Nature Inspired

Like nature, enterprises exist within a complex system — a business ecology of people and resources, internal and external to the firm. A business ecology is always emerging, as in nature. I help envision, build, transform and grow integrated and resilient enterprises through a nature-inspired systems approach to strategy.

I work as a partner to enterprise leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams to create, build or turn around their firms through:

• Strategy
• Systems Thinking
• Vision
• Execution

​I have sat in the chair of a CEO and worked with Boards, bringing both an experienced and consultative perspective to leadership challenges and demands.

A creative, curious and natural systems thinker, I see the intercon
nectedness of the whole and its parts --seeing beyond obvious horizons for creative approaches and solutions to a business opportunity or dilemma.


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Outside-In Results

I assess an enterprise from an "outside-in" perspective, then partner "inside-out" in the development and implementation of a client’s vision, strategy and value chain; focusing on the success of the whole, not simply the individual parts of a business or organization.

I am an effective convener and manager of resources and business ecosystems across boundaries of geography, culture and specialty.


​I am as comfortable working with community-based businesses as I am with global enterprises.  I believe both can benefit by constructively engaging and learning from one another, particularly in times requiring transformational thinking and action.

Results include:

• Turnaround 
CEO in the water technology sector.
• Turning vision into a business.
• Transatlantic business development.
• Transforming from a domestic to a global enterprise.

• Business model innovation, profit & non-profit.

• Entrepreneur and leadership development. ​

• Global value chain and transaction model.

• Corporate ventures.

Informed Pragmatism


While practical and results-oriented, my academic background provides a unique value-added perspective to business, organizations, innovation, technology transfer, and venture creation. I have designed and taught graduate-level courses in organizational leadership, value chain management, business strategy, and entrepreneurship.

I have an MPhil jointly from the Judge Business School and the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge; Graduate Studies in Chinese Business from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and International Relations and Regional & Urban Planning at the London School of Economics (LSE); and a B.A. from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. I am a Fellow of the RSA and a dual US-UK citizen.

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Brad Rendle

The Rendle Company
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