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Leadership Support 

           The Leadership             Journey

Business Ecology

Leadership Retreat

Coming from a systems thinking lens, as well as having sat in the chair of being a CEO and entrepreneur, I offer a unique set of eyes to walk the talk with leaders as they navigate the complex — and often lonely — leadership journey.


It is a whole person's journey. One with which I am familiar and experienced.  This includes times of deep dialogue and deep listening.


I know many leaders and entrepreneurs who have a need and desire to have ongoing discussions on matters beyond their daily enterprise responsibilities. This could range from accelerated changes in the world-at-large to issues relevant to their enterprise strategy and leadership responsibilities. 
I call this  " the conversation ".  However, there can be resistance to bring " the conversation " into the
organization and its strategy. In other words, making it real and moving from talk to action.

The reasons for this are numerous from time to organizational culture. From the perspective an organization's enterprise strategy, I often wonder how long such a disconnect can continue before it cannot, with results that may not be particularly pleasant. 

Available on a monthly basis, including strategic advice and support, to help turn "the conversation" into action and results. It can be one-to-one or include key members of the enterprise leadership team. 

Natural systems are adaptive. Human led systems often resist adaptation. A bottom-line only led organization, in particular, can often hide or deflect fundamental questions about its business ecology and ultimately its future.

Many leaders understand this and address such questions on an ongoing basis. They continually adapt, when times are good and when they are not so good. And many leaders do not understand this reality.

Whether you are a leader and leadership team that does understand the nature of your business ecology and the need for adaptation, or one that does not, taking a day " away from the noise" to explore, map, assess and look strategically at the nature of your business ecology could have significant value for the future of your business – and the bottom line.

A one-day leadership retreat to work with leaders and their leadership team to explore, map, assess and look strategically at the enterprise business ecology. 

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