Advisory Practice

We work with organizations and their leadership teams to navigate and execute an effective business ecology and enterprise strategy including:

  • Business model transformation

  • Organizational transitions

  • Vision development & implementation

  • New ventures

  • Growth challenges

  • Addressing critical truths

  • Company turnarounds

The first stage of client engagement is an  "outside-in assessment, identifying new directions and opportunities.  ​

The next stage is to partner "inside-out" in the development and implementation of an enterprise's vision, strategy and value chain.

The process is straightforward:

  • LISTEN to Assess enterprise and organizational challenges and opportunities


  • THINK to Advise and walk through critical truths, dilemmas and opportunities with enterprise leaders and teams

  • DO to Assist enterprises develop and deliver holistic solutions

Atlantic Global Resources LLC
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Short or long-term project or retainer basis.


• Identify, develop and implement enterprise's value chain, vision and 

• Navigate periods of change, creating new business models  

  or ventures, growth or critical truth

Systems Thinking
• Identify, convene and deliver commercial, technical and natural resource 

  solutions for enterprises and their value chain

Leadership/Team Support
• CEO | entrepreneur | board level | team building and transformation

• Execution team and resources 

• Enterprise vision & transformation

• Intellectual property commercialization

• Venture creation
• Business turnaround
• Culture, team building and trans-Atlantic integration

          Interim Leadership

  • Turnaround/start-up CEO

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