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Work with leaders and their teams in the development and implementation of an enterprise's vision, strategy and value chain.

Advisory Practice
  • Strategy

  • Systems Thinking

  • Leadership/Team Support

  • Execution

  • Interim Leadership

Work with organizations and their leadership teams to effectively navigate and execute transformation, new ventures, new business models, growth challenges, critical truths and company turnarounds.

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Leadership Support
The Conversation.jpg
  • Conversation into Results: Many leaders and entrepreneurs have a need for ongoing discussions on matters beyond their daily enterprise responsibilities. " The conversation" is  offered on a monthly basis, including strategic advice and support.


   Respond. Adapt. Action.

  • Consultative and Facilitative Modules help individuals and enterprises adapt to the present and  create the future enterprise system. Modules are offered one-to-one or in cohorts. They are provided in-person and on-line.

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  • Business Ecology Leadership Retreat: Whether you are a leader and leadership team that does understand the nature of your business ecology and the need for adaptation, or one that does not, taking a day " away from the noise" to explore, map, assess and look strategically at the nature of your business ecology could have significant value for the future of your business – and the bottom line.

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