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What is your next?

Zoom. Vaccine. Next?" was the headline a few months ago in my last post. "Next" will be anything but a linear process.

Our world has been disrupted. The lessons from nature and science are ones not to be left behind. Quite the opposite.

There will be multiple streams going forward. One stream (more like an unmet expectation) — " I've got the vaccine, now I can go back to the way things were." Another, and likely most prominent — a "hybrid stream." Those who know things won't be what they were but are working out a hybrid model between what was, what is and what will be. Then there will be those who want to start from scratch with a totally new stream.

I also realize the number of fully vaccinated and the "next" stage is far different for many people in the world than from where I write in the USA. Thus, recognize how fortunate it is to be able to address "next" in real and not hypothetical terms.

The pandemic for me, like many, has been both an inner and outer journey — deeper reflections on purpose and what matters going forward.

Reflections, conversations, and live streams during the pandemic have brought me to realize that my own story and experience have prepared me for these times and navigating what's next. And helping others do the same.

It has also been a clearing out — literally — rummaging through old forgotten files. Among them, going back to the 1990s, proposals on Corporate Social Responsibility, an essay on nature-connected leadership, and low carbon economy commercial strategies. All reminding me, that my deeper purpose and experience have been aligned with these times — and those ahead — for many years.

I would like to learn more about your story and how I can work with you, your leadership team and your organization to navigate your " next."

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