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Thoughtful Urgency.

Acadia National Park in Maine and London, England provide me with a sense of belonging and connectedness for different reasons. London was home for 15 years, the Acadia region for several. Acadia instilled a deep connection with the natural world. London, connectedness with our diverse global humanity.

Economic engines are returning - and accelerating. Our roaring 20's? Meanwhile, global disparities of wealth, access to vaccines and fundamental human needs such as water, food and housing are in clear view. Global supply chains expose our vulnerabilities. And then there is climate change.

The need for urgency to address these complexities is self-evident. The overwhelming nature of these challenges promotes reactive leadership and solutions. The pandemic forced such an approach, but also provided a demonstration of what can be done through collaboration and intention.

However, the reactive approach is too often required because the long arc lens and warnings ( read climate change) were ignored. Then crisis becomes opportunity and the short arc of perpetual urgency dominates decision making and actions.

The silence along the trails of Acadia have given me a deep appreciation for thoughtful dialog with self and others. London, an appreciation for the energy of perpetual motion.

You might say, one is a state of being — and thoughtful behavior. The other one of doing — and ongoing urgency. Both are in a state of perpetual change and growth.

If our natural world is under challenge and in need of repair might our best teacher be nature through thoughtful urgency?

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