A New Story — Part 1

Blind men and the elephant

The case for system thinking.

Earlier this year, I brought attention to how silo thinking needs to give way to interconnected thinking and organizations — in other words, systems thinking. "Blind men and an elephant" is a common story to show the value of systems thinking.

During this public journey, I became aware of my own elephant in the room. I created my own silos and was not walking the walk:

Silo One: AGR is launched, a system thinking strategy business. Silo Two: emergentz℠ module platform is launched. Silo Three: Inspired by a walk in Acadia National Park in Maine. More in the year ahead.

As the creator of and common connector to these silos, I have decided to re-brand and integrate them.

What's in a name?

I first thought rebranding was straight forward — "Brad Rendle". After all, I created the silos. My next thought was to come up with some trendy moniker.

I then reflected on over 20 years as AGR (Atlantic Global Resources) in the UK and USA and asked: What best conveys past, present and future? What value have I provided to clients over the years? What meets need and opportunity in the world today? The conclusion:

Solutions: Solving current enterprise dilemmas: assess, advise and assist. Creations: Creating ecosystems, ventures and initiatives. Futures: Help individuals, enterprises and systems envision and create their future.

Designing Commerce Naturally: The natural world is an interconnected, interdependent system. One where change, adaptation and growth co-exists. It is a natural system from which the business world can learn invaluable lessons.

Like nature, enterprises exist within a complex system – a business ecology of people and resources, internal and external to the firm. A business ecology is always emerging, as in nature.

​Through the emergentz℠ nature inspired systems thinking approach to business strategy, The Rendle Company helps envision, build, transform and grow integrated and resilient enterprises.

​This is “ designing commerce naturally “.

The Rendle Company: A new name for the business encompassing past, present and future. It will incorporate all under one brand umbrella and ecosystem, including AGR, emergentz℠ and any future initiatives.

The complete rebranding:

So what's in a name? Just about everything. It is core to my new story.

More in the weeks and months ahead.

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