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Shaped by our common experience.

Isn't it our brokenness that connects us? Pause to connect. Power with vs. power over.

These are headings from emails I sent last year, which I have reflected on recently. The brokenness that connects us we experienced months ago, "together at home", was a pause to connect and a period of power with one another. A transforming time — for some – in our common human experience. We continue to be shaped by this common experience and the challenges posed by it. What does the future hold as connectedness with one another and the natural world continues to be challenged by interconnected disruption — climate change, water crises and algorithm's aimed to divide us? Out of the trauma will come transformation. Out of transformation new – and if live stream events and my in box are any indication, arguably better – ways of being and doing in the world. And opportunities, as a result. What does this all mean for you and the arc of your organization?

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