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Isn't it our brokenness that connects us?

" One is asked then, to accept the human condition, its sufferings and its joys, and to work with its imperfections as the foundation upon which the individual will build wholeness through creative achievement. For the person with creative potential there is no wholeness except in using it. "

Robert K. Greenleaf Servant Leadership

Isn't it our brokenness that connects us?

I have introduced myself to various thought leaders and people I meet at networking events with that question.

It is not your typical question asked over a canapé at one of those networking events where everyone is straining to read your name tag, deciding whether it's worth their time to have a conversation with you.

Admittedly, I have at times had a gulp in my throat as I ask it. And there are times my question is received with an uncomfortable silence and a downward stare.

But for me it is a real question, a genuine observation.

And for a number of people the response to the question is similarly real — and genuinely heard.

It resonates with many because it reflects a deeper truth people are thirsty to discuss.

And it is not merely esoteric. Whole leaders recognize this truth and connect the brokenness in us all into a new wholeness, even a new vision and organization.

It's actually an optimistic question. For by acknowledging our common brokenness we acknowledge our common good.

It opens up a whole new level of awareness to our creative potential to " build wholeness through creative achievement ".

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