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Is it knowledge or information?

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom. Albert Einstein

Last year I spoke with a founder of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) start-up and asked if their AI application could replicate wisdom. My question was received as if I was a museum curator.

Today information is considered by many to be knowledge. And algorithms might be considered to possess wisdom by some.   

The end of last year I heard an interview on the radio with an early Facebook investor (Roger McNamee whose book Zucked has since been published). Among his insights about Facebook: 1) the online dissonance purposely facilitated by AI and 2) when humans curated information the dissonance was not as severe. 

Seems human wisdom still has a role to play in our lives, at least for now!

The interview hearkened me back to a conversation I had a number of years ago with John Diebold, founder of The Diebold Group. He was a futurist who coined the word "automation". He and I shared a number of interests, particularly how technology, people and capital intersect.  

The importance (and my interest in it) of that intersection has certainly not lessened over the years. I now include the relationship with the natural world to this intersection.

It also underscores for me that the complexity of the world in which we now live. This complexity cannot  be avoided by organizations whether in rural Maine or central London.

Many organizations understand this fact. They not only embrace complexity but create the future in doing so. Such organizations embrace vision and strategy.

Others tend to run from complex issues, vision and strategy. They believe they simply (and only) "can do" their way out of dilemmas and into the future. Until it's too late

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