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Era of emergence...or the way it was?

The way it was or will be?  What impact will nature's current lessons have on the choices made going forward? As I see it, the choices include waiting for the way it was to return or participate in the emergence of a new, uncharted era.

And it is a choice. Mine is to enter the era of emergence. One where something new will unfold on an individual, organizational and societal basis for the betterment of the common good. It will require new forms of leadership and organizations.A deepening purpose.Since my last message, I have engaged in some remarkable conversations, live streams and webinars about what may be next.  While no one has the answer, I sense an expanding and aligned quest for common purpose among many that is not always reflected in media and online ecosystems.

For me and my practice, purpose will continue to be expressed through working with organizations and their business ecology – designing commerce naturally.  My commitment to the emergentzpart of my practice has deepened, including an initiative around emergent capitalism.

Are you waiting for things to return to the way they were or stepping into an era of emergence?

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