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A system cannot understand itself.

Inner journey, outer actions.  

Over the past several months I have periodically reflected on the impact the lessons of nature from Covid-19 will have on us as individuals; universally as members of society and the leadership of organizations. There has been no pattern in sharing my reflections because I have discovered the lessons also apply to me. Ones that take time to absorb. These include events and lessons that have gone beyond those of nature: to who and what we are as a society and leadership within that society.

The first step is transformation of the individual.

For me, it all has been as much an inner as outer journey. Whether listening to the Pastoral Symphony on my daily walk or within the silence of those trees I keep talking about, I realize whatever is emerging within me is different than the person who entered Covid quarantine. Not a bad thing. As one who has been on a transforming path for a number of years, it has deepened my purpose and commitment to action

When working with clients I have often quoted W. Edwards Deming from his book, The New Economics:  The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation. A system cannot understand itself. The transformation requires a view from the outside: …a system of profound knowledge. 

The first step is transformation of the individual….The individual once transformed, will:

—Set an example.

—Be a good listener, but will not compromise.

—Continually teach other people.

—Help people pull away from their current practice and beliefs and move into the new philosophy without a feeling of guilt about the past. These times align in a significant way with my personal and professional experience and practice. The required conversations and subsequent actions are part of a long-term arc. An arc not too early to address, and align with what emerges in the months and years ahead.

Is it time for your transformation to emerge into action?

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