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Facilitative and Consultative Cohorts
emergentz℠  cohorts help enterprise leaders and teams adapt to the present and create the future enterprise system.

One-to-one or peer-to-peer

3, 6 or 12-months.  

Single organization or self-organized group.

Weekly or bi-weekly on-line participation.

In-person participation available including scoping intensives.

Can be tailored to a client's unique needs, objectives and time parameters.

Contact us to learn more about emergentz℠ facilitative and consultative modules. 

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Addressing Critical Truths

Do you have a "back burner" of issues, a vision or critical truth that may be a key to your future and your enterprise that you delay addressing year after year?  Has the pandemic brought them and other issues to the front burner?


emergentz℠ addresses that need with a private and facilitated one-to-one or peer-to-peer cohort for enterprise leaders and entrepreneurs who want to connect on a deeper level to explore and take action around your own purpose and that of your organization for results.  


It is also an opportunity for mentoring and co-creation of new opportunities. The program is designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders looking for a place to go deeper around the issues important to you and your organization.

It could be the need for a new business model.  The turnaround of a company. A broken and dysfunctional system.  Aligning the culture of the company with a new vision and purpose. Pandemic trauma.

Ecosystem Development & Management

The concept of a business ecosystem has become a PowerPoint cliche.

Have you and your organization ever drilled down to actually identify and manage an intentional ecosystem for your organization?

emergentz℠ principal Brad Rendle has been developing ecosystem models for nearly two decades. emergentz™ is a systems thinking global ecosystem.


We are offering an ecosystem cohort that works with your enterprise leadership to help identify, model and manage a value added ecosystem.

Entrepreneur/Leadership Support 

The journey of entrepreneurship and leadership is not a solo endeavor.

emergentz℠ principal, Brad Rendle, has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Four generations in fact. He has worked with entrepreneurs and venture creation for over 20 years. He has also served as a CEO of a water technology company and supported leaders and their teams through his professional practice over that time.

And while he has taught graduate level entrepreneurship and leadership, he believes entrepreneurs and leaders are enabled more than taught.

An added value feature is the cohort's peer-to-peer leadership, which can be accessed as a board-like sounding board for participants.  It is designed to complement, not replace a board's rol

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